National Philanthropy Day Nomination Form

South Dakota

Dear Friends,

Philanthropy—showing our love for our fellow humans—is part of what makes South Dakota a great place to live. Each year we celebrate National Philanthropy Day to pay tribute to the people whose generosity has enriched our state. Please consider submitting a nomination for the 2017 Governor’s Awards for Philanthropy to be given at South Dakota’s National Philanthropy Day awards luncheon on Tuesday, October 17th in Mitchell.

Nominations will be accepted in these categories:

  • Outstanding Philanthropist—a South Dakota individual, couple, or family with a proven record of exceptional philanthropy.
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Community—a South Dakota community that has successfully achieved a community improvement by encouraging the entire community to work together to raise the necessary funds.
  • Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation—a business operating in South Dakota that has a significant record of exceptional generosity in its community or statewide.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser—an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in coordinating groups of volunteers for major fund raising projects.
  • Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy––individual ages 10–23 who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the community through direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and leadership in philanthropy.

Please complete the nominations you are submitting online using the NPD Online Nomination Form by Friday, August 11, 2017.   Only SDAFP members will be allowed to submit nominations. 

Winners will be announced by the end of August.

I also invite you to attend this important event. In addition to honoring good people, there will be an educational program for fundraising professionals on Monday, October 16th and Tuesday, October 17th. Please visit our website for more information or to register for the event.

Contact me at 605.310.4198 or e-mail if you have any questions about the nomination process or South Dakota’s National Philanthropy Day Celebration.


Angie Kuiper, Chapter Administrator


Award Selection

A committee has been established to review all nominations.  This committee is comprised at least five fundraising professionals from throughout the State of South Dakota.  Individuals from organizations making nominations are not eligible to serve on this committee.

The committee will review all applications received.  Priority will be given to each the criteria as detailed in each category when making their determination of awards.

Award Categories

  1. Please click each award name to open the form for that nomination submission (the form will fold out under the list of award categories below).
  2. Each award form contains a description of the award, the questions to be answered, fields for nominee and nominator information, and a file upload function if applicable.
  3. Please complete the form and hit Submit when done.
  4. You can complete and submit as many nominations as you like. Just click the link on the confirmation page after submitting a nomination to return to the main award page, then select and complete the next desired award form.

    1. Outstanding Philanthropist Award
    2. Outstanding Philanthropic Community Award
    3. Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation Award
    4. Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award
    5. Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award

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